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Our Youth Action Research Project April 2020

ESTEEM Youth Action Research Report 2020

This report discusses a youth citizenship crisis from the perspectives of young adults within ESTEEM. The main focus is on what enables young adults to act within their full capacity as citizens and what barriers they face.
Mental health was presented as a key issue, alongside the significance of transitioning from childhood to adulthood and the many influencing factors such as financial situation, social influences and vocational opportunities.

The co-research team included two young adults, ESTEEM’s Chief Officer and used Participatory Action Research methods to facilitate the inclusion of over forty youth voices throughout the project.


I had a black dog, his name was depression

-This video creates a visual representation of depression, this could be useful for partners, carers and sufferers of depression to help them to understand the illness better.


Living with a black dog

-This video is a guide for partners, carers and sufferers of depression. It advises those living with and caring for people with depression on what to do, what not to do, and where to go for help.